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REM Poster / April 1990

Poster Obverse

This poster was a given to me by Craig Swackhammer ("Swack") just before I left California in April of 1990. We were playing R.E.M. on the car stereo everywhere we drove for months leading up to the time I moved. Swack told me if he ever visited my home in the future, he wanted to see this poster hanging somewhere. It was stored in the basement of my parents' house from that time until October of 2014. In October of 2014 my mother and I cleaned out the basement because of a dampness problem. This poster had a little discoloring on the reverse side and a slight basement odor. It was scanned and discarded. Sorry Swack. I hope you won't be too disappointed if you ever visit my home. I've saved the memory of it here in my virtual home.

Poster Reverse