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RTT Guardian Angel Award Poster / April 1990

Poster Obverse

This poster was given to me by my friends from work when I left California in April of 1990. The usual gift given to departing colleagues was a poster of Onizuka Air Force Station (a.k.a. The Satellite Test Center), purchased from the gift shop located inside that building, which is then signed by the coworkers of the person who's leaving. This poster is a hybrid of the Onizuka Air Force Station poster and an original charcoal drawing made by Diane Coppolo. The drawing is a portrait of Tom Skelly which is substituted for a photo of Onizuka Air Force Station in the center of the poster. The portrait was copied from an earlier impromptu pencil drawing which was created and displayed in VOD of Onizuka Air Force Station. I don't remember if Diane drew that first picture or if it was drawn by another coworker. I had asked for that first picture but someone claimed it before me, so Diane was very kind and made another original version for me. The words "RTT Guardian Angel Award" weren't on the first drawing. "RTT" stands for Release Ten Transition Team of which I was a part. I never knew why it wasn't called "RTTT." Also, I don't know who was supposed to be the RTT Guardian Angel; me or Tom Skelly.(?) The poster shown here was displayed in the basement of my parents' house from April of 1990 until October of 2014. In October of 2014 my mother and I cleaned out the basement because of a dampness problem. This poster had discoloring and a basement odor. It was scanned and discarded. I've saved the memory of it here in my virtual home.