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WNCN Program Guide

March 1977

My father enjoyed classical music so that was the music I heard in my childhood. We lived in central New Jersey and one of the classical radio stations at the time was WNCN 104.3 FM. My father had a Sherwood tuner connected to the home stereo system and we frequently listened to WNCN broadcasts. We also had a Pioneer cassette recorder/player connected on the home stereo system which we used to record and replay the music. We bought the WNCN program guides so we would know the scheduled music. I would often record classical music selections I thought were interesting. I frequently replayed those recordings and over time learned to love a diverse range of classical music. I remember being teased by classmates when I was in grade 8 for listening to music of Bartok and Stravinsky instead of the popular music of the time. That teasing was a catalyst for me to start listening to current music which I also learned to love. But I never lost my love of classical music. To this day I keep my car radio tuned to the local classical stations.

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